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File:    GCEA-R (pdf)
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Requests for substitute teachers, including building requests for specific substitutes, must be processed through the personnel office before arrangements between regular teachers and substitutes or buildings and substitutes are made.  

Each principal will be notified by the substitute secretary as early as possible concerning the teachers who will be absent in his building, and the names of the substitutes who will replace them.

Substitutes are assigned for a definite number of days, morning, afternoon, or indefinitely. When a substitute is sent to a school indefinitely, he should continue in that assignment until notified that the assignment is terminated.  If a substitute hired for one day is to be retained, the principal or the school secretary may notify the substitute but must call the substitute office about the holdover.

Current practice codified 1978

NOTE: Guidelines and procedures for the substitute teacher are published in the Substitute Teaching Manual, available from the personnel office.  

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