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File: GBJA (pdf)
Adopted: February 28, 2017



Pursuant to state law, the school district shall, upon request, disclose to another school district or school, the reasons for the teacher's separation from employment with the district, any pertinent performance or disciplinary record of the teacher that specifically relates to any negligent action of the teacher that was found to endanger the safety and security of a student, and any disciplinary records that relate to behavior by the teacher that was found to have contributed to a student's violation of the school district's conduct and discipline code. This information shall only be disclosed to personnel authorized to review the personnel file in the requesting district and the person applying for a position as a teacher.

Other district employees

With regard to all other former or current district employees, the district shall disclose to a prospective employer information relative to the employee's suitability for reemployment, including his or her work-related skills, abilities and habits. In the case of a former employee, the district shall also disclose the reason for the employee's separation.

Immunity provisions

The school district, and its employees, agents and representatives authorized by the district to make such disclosures, shall be immune from civil liability for disclosing such information unless the district knew or should have reasonably known that the information was false.

Copy to employee

When the district provides written information about a current or former employee to a prospective employer, it shall send a copy of that information to the employee upon request. The district shall also make such written information available to the current or former employee upon request during normal business hours. A fair and reasonable price may be charged by the district for any copies of the written information requested by the employee.

C.R.S. 8-2-114(2), (3) and (5)
C.R.S. 22-63-202
End of: GBJA