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File: GBEBC-R (pdf)
Adopted: June 23, 2008


This regulation provides guidance for the implementation of Policy File: GBI, Staff Gifts and Solicitations. It is the policy of the district that employees may not accept gifts with a face value worth more than $25. This includes group gifts or gift cards that exceed a total value of $25 or recurring monthly gifts such as “flower of the month.” 

While not intended by the gift-giver, gifts to employees in excess of $25 have the appearance of improperly influencing employee decisions, creating inequities within and among the district’s schools and departments, and compromising the district’s compensation practices and resulting tax issues. 

Gift givers are encouraged to show their appreciation for district employees in ways that do not exceed the $25 limitation. In lieu of personal gifts to employees, donors are encouraged to direct gifts in excess of $25 to the school or program. Gift givers include parents, vendors, textbook publishers, fellow employees or any others wishing to donate a gift to an employee.

Exceptions to this regulation are as follows: 

  • Employees may accept clothing valued in excess of $25 if the article of clothing is spirit wear;
  • Employees may accept tickets with a face value in excess of $25 if the ticket provides admission to a district-affiliated event; 
  • Employees may accept gifts for travel, housing, admission or food in excess of $25 if they are performing the duties of a chaperone at a district-sponsored event or when attending a professional event;
  • Employees may accept gifts of perishable items including food or flowers with a value in excess of $25; 
  • Employees may accept group gifts from co-workers or community members for life events when the individual contributions to the gift do not exceed $25; life events are those circumstances that are not associated with job performance such as weddings, births or adoptions. The $25 limit on individual contributions to a group gift does not apply to circumstances of bereavement, serious illness or retirement.

GBEA, Staff Ethics/Conflicts of Interest
GBEA-E, Staff Ethics/Staff Conflicts of Interest (Exhibit)
GBEA-R, Staff Ethics/Staff Conflicts of Interest (Regulation)
GBEB, Staff Conduct (And Responsibilities)
GBECB, Staff Gifts and Solicitations

End of File: GBEBC-R