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File: GCN-2 (pdf)
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A comprehensive program for the evaluation of administrative team members shall be instituted and maintained. Evaluations shall be conducted at least once a year, according to the following guidelines:

  1. Evaluation criteria for each position shall be written form and shall be made available to the administrator prior to the evaluation.
  2. Evaluations shall be made by the person to whom the administrator is immediately responsible.
  3. Results of the evaluation shall be put in writing and shall be discussed with the administrator by the person who makes the evaluation.
  4. The administrator being evaluated shall have the right to attach a memorandum to the written evaluation and the right to appeal through established procedures.
  5. Results of the evaluations shall be kept in confidential personnel records maintained in the central office.

In accordance with Colorado statutes, information gathered and written evaluative documents used in retention, promotion, or termination of a leadership team member shall be accessible to the person concerned or his representative.

In cases of possible demotion or termination of contract, records shall be kept of formal evaluations and evaluative conferences conducted in the seven- to 12-month period preceding the effective date of the demotion or termination.

Current practice codified 1978

C.R.S. 24-72-204

GBJ, Personnel Records
GBK, Staff Complaints and Grievances
GCPD, Suspension and Dismissal of Teachers (And Contract Nonrenewal)

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