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File: GDN (pdf) (also AFD)
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In evaluating the performance of support staff, the same general guidelines set by the Board for professional personnel shall pertain: 

1. The Board expects supervisory staff members to exert every effort to encourage staff members to develop their job performance to an optimum degree. 

2. The Board expects supervisory staff members to devote a substantial amount of time and effort to the evaluation process.

3 . Performance appraisal shall be continuous; it shall not be limited to times and places set for formal evaluations. Guidelines set forth in negotiated agreements shall be considered minimum requirements only. 

4. Evaluations shall be conducted in a fair and friendly manner. Supervisory staff shall make every effort to understand the needs of the employee, and provide all possible help when improvement is needed. 

5. When an employee's performance is unacceptable, the supervisor shall: 

a. Specifically identify areas needing improvement. 
b. Offer specific suggestions for improvement. 
c. Give the employee adequate time to show improvement. 

6. All formal evaluations shall be made in writing, and the regular documentation of conferences, conversations, and observations shall be encouraged. The staff member being evaluated shall have the opportunity to review the evaluation with the evaluator, and both shall sign the evaluation statement. The Superintendent shall establish channels for the appeal of unfavorable evaluations. 

7. If, in spite of good faith efforts by the supervisor, an employee's performance remains unsatisfactory, the employee will be given appropriate notice that dismissal is likely. All legal or contractual procedures for dismissal shall be observed. 

Current practice codified 1978

Office personnel agreement, Section C, Addendum 
Service personnel agreement, Article XIII 
Paraprofessionals' agreement, Section D 

GBJ, Personnel Records 
GBK, Staff Complaints and Grievances 
GDG, Support Staff Probation 
GDPD, Suspension and Dismissal of Support Staff Members

End of File:  GDN (also AFD)