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File: GCQC (pdf)
Adopted:  Prior to 1969
Revised on the basis of practice: Date of manual adoption


The teacher exchange program is divided into two types of activity: one, conducted under the direction of the United States Office of Education; and the other, through direct negotiation between this school system and others, either domestic or foreign. 

The program sponsored by the United States Office of Education provides for the exchange of teachers in this system with teachers from foreign systems. Each party to the arrangement selects his own candidate and nominates him to the United States Office of Education. When the application is approved by both parties and the governmental agencies, the exchange is accomplished. 

Direct exchanges of teachers in the Boulder Valley system with teachers in other school systems are also possible by making direct application to the personnel office. 

C.R.S. 22‐63‐109

End of File: GCQC