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File:    GCQA/GCQAA (pdf)
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The Board considers teaching and/or administrative duties in the District full‐time employment. However, if an experienced staff member is in good health, a limited amount of college teaching or educational work with other agencies may be a rewarding experience in professional growth. Staff members who plan for such work may expect cooperation on the part of the Board. 

Any other type of outside work by staff members shall be the concern of, and warrant the attention of, the Board only as it may directly prevent the member from properly performing his assigned functions during duty hours or be prejudicial to his effectiveness in his professional position. 

For example, employees shall not at any time engage in any employment that would interfere with their effectiveness in performing their regular assigned duties; would compromise or embarrass the school system; would adversely affect their employment status or professional standing; or would in any way conflict with assigned duties. Employees shall not engage in any other employment or in any private business during hours necessary to fulfill appropriate assigned duties. 

Administrative team members may be authorized to make consulting or speaking engagements of a professional nature outside the District provided that such commitments do not adversely affect the performance of their District assignments. Team members may accept honoraria in connection with these authorized out‐of‐District activities. 

Current practice codified 1978 

AGREEMENT REF.: Principals' agreement
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