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File:  GCQB (pdf) 
Adopted:  Prior to 1978

 Associated Regulation: GCQB‐R 


Copyright on Publication and Dissemination of School Materials 

It is the policy of the Boulder Valley School District to copyright selected educational materials that are developed by either District employees or others paid by the District for their services. 

Educational materials are defined as written, audiovisual, or manipulative materials used by administrators, teachers, or students. 

The objectives of this policy are to: 

  1. Encourage employees of the Boulder Valley School District to make educational materials available for public use within and outside the District. 
  2. Protect the District's primary role of educating students by regulating the involvement of employees in the development of educational materials. 
  3. Protect the potential benefits of the District and its employees through the publication of new educational materials. 
  4. Guarantee that copyrights issued and royalties received will be in the District's name and not in the name of the employee. 

However, nothing included herein alters the status of materials developed under federally funded programs, which are, by federal law, public property. 

It is not the purpose of this policy and its implementing regulations to discourage writing for professional journals on the employee'(s) own time. The intent is to clearly delineate between the development of educational materials and later writing about that development. 

It shall be the Superintendent's responsibility to implement the administration of this policy. 

EGAAA, Duplication of Copyrighted Material 
IO, Educational Research

End of File: GCQB