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The Board of Education recognizes that attractive compensation plans, including adequate base salary, salary incentives, and appropriate employee benefits, are necessary to attract and retain the high caliber of professionals desired in the Boulder Valley School District.


Pursuant to Colorado statutes, every employment contract entered into by a teacher or chief administrative officer for the performance of services for the School District shall be in writing. This legal requirement does not, however, apply to part-time or substitute teachers.

Every contracted teacher or administrator is expected to fulfill his employment contract in every respect, both professionally and legally.  Compliance with state law is considered a condition of employment in the Boulder Valley School District.  

Teachers' Compensation Plans

It is the Board's intent to review teachers' compensation plans periodically with representatives of the District's teaching staff.  Once adopted by the Board, these compensation plans shall be considered appendices to the Board's policy manual.

Placement on a salary schedule shall be in accordance with a teacher's assignment, experience, and qualifications as specified in the compensation plan.  Advancement on the salary scale shall depend on evidence of the continued professional growth of the teacher.

Administrators' Compensation Plans

Administrators' compensation plans and benefits shall be determined by Board action, with consideration given to responsibility, performance, education, years of experience, and the number of days in each yearly assignment.  Administrators' salaries and contracts are reviewed annually by the Superintendent.

The following general guidelines apply to administrative team member contracts and compensation plans:  

  1. Members of the administrative team shall receive all the applicable rights and benefits enjoyed by other members of the District's professional staff.  Benefits shall include, but not be limited to, provisions for sick leave and additional sick leave, payment for unused sick leave, personal leave, leave for professional improvement, educational improvement, health insurance, early retirement, and, where appropriate and within District policy, earned vacation and holidays.  Rights will include transfer and assignment considerations, established evaluation guidelines, and grievance procedures.  
  2. Within the total salary structure of the District, salaries of administrative team members shall be related to and commensurate with responsibility, educational preparation, years of experience, and the number of days in each yearly assignment.  Salaries shall be based upon and maintained in appropriate relationships with other employee classifications and shall be commensurate with those earned by administrators in similar settings (school districts).  
  3. Every effort will be made by the Board of Education to provide appropriate support for administrative team members and protection from undue harassment in the proper execution of their duties.
  4. There shall be provided, by the Board of Education, sufficient support and assistance for the efficient and effective performance of the administrative team member.  
  5. Administrative team personnel may be authorized to make consulting or speaking engagements of a professional nature outside the District provided such commitments do not adversely affect the performance of their District assignments.  Team members may accept honoraria in connection with these authorized out-of-District activities.  

Current practice codified 1978

C.R.S. 22-32-110(1)(k)
C.R.S. 22-32-126  
C.R.S. 22-60-107 et seq.  
C.R.S. 22-61-102  
C.R.S. 22-63-103 through -107
Teachers' agreement, Sections A, C, E    
Principals' agreement
DL/DLA, Payroll Procedures/Payday Schedules  
GCB subcodes (all pertain to compensation and benefits)  
GCDA, Professional Staff Certification Responsibilities    
GCL, Professional Staff Development Opportunities  

NOTE: The master agreement between the Board and the BVEA is to be considered an appendix to this manual, and has the full force of Board policy.  Excerpts from this agreement have been coded appropriately to topic, and are presented as agreement references throughout this manual.

End of File: GCB