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File:    GCF (pdf)
Adopted:    prior to 1969
Revised: date of manual adoption; May 28, 1992  


Orientation shall be considered an important part of a new teacher's first year in the system.  The orientation program shall be designed to assist new teachers in becoming acquainted with — and adjusted to — the community, the School District, and the individual school; it shall include adequate briefings regarding policies of the Board, regulations of the administration, and the District's instructional program.  

Each teacher new to the District shall attend the preschool session for new teachers.  In addition, workshops will be conducted for his or her grade level and teaching area, as well as instruction in first aid in accordance with District policy and regulations.  

All teachers shall attend the preschool session conducted for all District employees.  

Teachers' agreement, Section C  

End of File:  GCF