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File: GCA (pdf)
Adopted: prior to 1969
Revised on the basis of practice: date of manual adoption

Associated Regulation: GCA-R


The Superintendent shall have the responsibility, subject to consultation and approval by the Board, to arrange the administrative, supervisory staff in any manner which in his judgment best serves the Boulder Valley School District.  

The Board will approve the broad purpose and function of leadership positions, in harmony with state laws and regulations, and will approve a statement of job requirements as recommended by the Superintendent.  The Board shall delegate to the Superintendent the task of writing, or causing to be written, a specific job description for the position within the guidelines of Board-approved job requirements.  

Administrative Team

The Board has set forth its philosophy regarding the role of leadership personnel in the administrative operations of the School District in its policy pertaining to the School District's management team.  

The primary responsibility of the administrative team is the execution of School District policy; therefore, administrative team members shall be expected to question, through proper channels, those District policies and procedures with which they have reason to disagree and/or feel can be improved by their suggestions.  


The major responsibility of a teacher in the Boulder Valley Schools is to provide an effective instructional program in the classroom.  This responsibility involves preparation and planning, both long-range and immediate; understanding and applying sound professional teaching methods; and developing and maintaining effective pupil, parent, and community relationships.
In addition, teachers are charged with certain other duties as required by the statutes of the State of Colorado and by the policies and procedures of the School District.  These duties include such activities as student record keeping, student discipline, reporting to parents, supervision of students, and the requisitioning, care of, and accounting for instructional materials.  

Teachers' agreement, Sections A, C
CD, Management Team
CF, School Building Administration (And Principalship)  
GCA-R and GCA subcodes (all relate to professional staff positions)  

NOTE: Job descriptions for all personnel are kept in a separate collection of job descriptions, on file in the personnel office.
End of File: GCA