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File:    GCC/GCD-2 (pdf)
Adopted: February 10, 1977

Associated Regulation: GCC/GCD-2-R


The primary goal in the selection and appointment of administrators shall be to place the best qualified person in each position.

All vacant positions and new positions will be posted and advertised for a period of 21 calendar days. All employees and applicant candidates who are qualified for and interested in administrative positions shall have the opportunity to be considered for appointment or promotion, strictly on a merit basis, without regard to race, creed, color, age, nationality, sex, marital status, or handicap.

A firm effort will be made to actively seek well-qualified women and minorities for consideration for administrative vacancies.  

Applications for administrative positions will be accepted from within and without the District.  Selection and appointment of administrators shall be in accordance with the above policies, with broad-based advisory involvement of parties affected unless this is deemed impracticable in the judgment of the Superintendent.  The procedures may vary depending upon the level and type of position to be filled.  

The Superintendent may make emergency appointments on an interim basis.  

The Board of Education exercises its own prerogative in the selection and appointment of the Superintendent of Schools. The Superintendent of Schools is charged with the responsibility for selection, transfer, promotion, and making recommendations to the Board for appointment and dismissal of all other District administrators.

C.R.S. 22-32-109(f), 22-32-126  
C.R.S. 22-61-101, 22-61-103
C.R.S. 22-63-103, 22-63-107

AC, Nondiscrimination  
ACA*, Nondiscrimination on the Basis of Sex (Compliance with Title IX)  CBA/CBB, Qualifications, Duties/Recruitment, and Appointment of Superintendent  
GBA, Equal Opportunity Employment (And Affirmative Action)  

End of File:  GCC/GCD-2