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File:    GCC/GCD-1-R (pdf)
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1. Identifying vacancies and screening applicants.  When a vacancy is identified, the building principal must notify the personnel office immediately.  (Immediate notification is essential regardless of the cause of the vacancy, whether it be retirement, resignation, illness, temporary disability, leave request, or additional position.)  

Notification may be by phone or memorandum and should be followed with or accompanied by a PS-12, PS-11, and other appropriate forms. 

If the Director of Personnel designates the position "unencumbered" (not needed for another teacher in the District due to building reductions or leaves of absence returnees), the personnel office (in cooperation with the building principal, when practicable) will screen applications and arrange interviews with the most highly qualified candidates. 

During this screening process, applicants who contact principals directly about vacancies must be referred to the personnel office.  

Meanwhile, the personnel office will post in the buildings and the Education Center all regular vacancies identified between March 1 and July 1 in accordance with the voluntary transfer procedure as specified in the teachers' agreement.  

If additional applicants are needed for a specific vacancy, the personnel office will advertise the position outside the District through college and university placement offices.  If the number of qualified applicants in the active file is sufficient, advertising may be omitted.  

2. Interviewing applicants and recommending candidates for appointments.  Upon completion of the screening/interviewing process, the building principal (when practicable) will recommend his selection of candidates to the Director of Personnel or his designee for a final decision and subsequent recommendation by the Director of Personnel to the Superintendent, who in turn recommends the candidate(s) to the Board of Education for appointment.  

The building principal may include members of his staff in the interviewing process. If advisory committees are used, they shall recommend three or more acceptable candidates for future consideration by the principal, who must assume responsibility for the recommendation to the Director of Personnel.  

The personnel office is solely responsible for officially notifying both successful and unsuccessful candidates of appointments.  

3. In usual circumstances, the above procedures will be followed.  However, when in the judgment of the Director of Personnel it is in the best interests of the District, different screening and recommendation procedures may be followed.  


All certificated personnel placed under contract are required to furnish to the Personnel Division all needed documents, and shall meet all District requirements prior to actively assuming an assignment.  Those requirements include:  

  1. Colorado teachers' certificate  
  2.  Official transcripts of all university and/or college work completed  
  3.  Completed District application form  
  4.  Group health insurance application or waiver  
  5.  Health certificate  
  6.  Military discharge or draft status, if applicable  
  7.  Retirement application form
  8.  Social security number  
  9.  Withholding tax statement  
  10.  Oath of allegiance
  11.  Copy of birth certificate  

Teachers' Oath or Affirmation

The teacher's oath or affirmation shall be administered by any person authorized to administer oaths in the State of Colorado.  Insofar as possible, such administration shall occur prior to the first day of duty.  

Current practice codified 1978

End of File:  GCC/GCD-1-R