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The Board of Education shall adopt the salary schedule for the regular teaching personnel and shall place each teacher in the School District on the salary schedule at least commensurate with, but not limited to, his education, prior experience, and experience in the District. The schedule adopted by the Board shall remain in effect until changed or modified by the Board in accordance with law.  

Salary increments will be conditional upon evidence of the continued professional growth of the teacher. Employees who do not comply with the requirements of the Board of Education and/or the state may not be granted salary increases or may not be retained on the staff.

Placement on the salary schedule shall be in accordance with requirements developed by the administration and approved by the Board of Education.  

The Boulder Valley School District shall comply with statutory provisions in regard to salary schedules.  

Annual Increments

Any certificated employee who works 50 percent or more of the normal work time for his position, and who serves at least one-half of a school year, qualifies for annual increments.  

Inservice Education Credit for Advancement on the Salary Schedule

The School District provides an incentive system for certificated employees by encouraging them to accumulate credit for advancement on the salary schedule through participating in and completing approved inservice activities.  

An employee can obtain District inservice credit either by participating in a course, workshop, or other activity approved by the District's inservice committee, or by submitting an individual request to the inservice committee for independent work.  An employee may qualify for a maximum of four semester hours of District inservice credit per year.

All activities that provide inservice credit must have been approved by the inservice committee prior to the beginning of that activity. 

Professional Growth and Recertification 

Professional growth requirements shall be established in accordance with the requirements for continuing certification under Colorado statutes. These requirements must be met in order for a teacher to qualify for the next increment(s) or increase(s) on the salary schedule.  

A teacher who is at the maximum of the salary schedule must meet the requirements in order to qualify for any further increment(s) or salary increase(s).  

Teachers who do not meet professional growth requirements will not receive increments or other salary increases for which they would otherwise become eligible during the period of such delinquency. They shall resume the regular position on the salary schedule at the beginning of the next contract year after the year of the professional growth requirement deficiency has been removed.  Increases lost through noncompliance with professional growth requirements cannot be recouped.

Current practice codified 1978

C.R.S. 22-32-110(1)(k)
C.R.S. 22-60-107 et seq.
C.R.S. 22-63-103-107

Teachers' agreement, Sections D, E

DL/DLA, Payroll Procedures/Payday Schedules  
GCDA, Professional Staff Certification Responsibilities  
GCL, Professional Staff Development Opportunities

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