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File: GCBA-1-R (pdf)
Adopted:  October 29, 1973
Revised: May 12, 1988



Inservice Education Credit for Advancement on the Salary Schedule

Certificated employees of the Boulder Valley may earn District inservice credit by successfully participating in an approved inservice activity.  

  1. Activities may include courses, seminars, workshops, committee projects, independent studies, or other professional activities.
  2. All activities that provide District inservice credit must have been approved by the District professional development council prior to the beginning of the activity.  
  3. To qualify for credit, a participant must achieve a satisfactory level of performance as determined by the instructor(s) or leader(s) of the activity including attendance at all required scheduled sessions.
  4. Course credit will be determined at the rate of 16 instructor-contact hours for each semester hour of credit with a minimally equivalent amount of non-instructor contact activity.  
  5. Any certificated staff member may submit a request to the professional development council for a variety of professional development activity credit on forms available from the building principal or from the staff development office.  
  6. Requests for educational development experience, educational travel experience, and/or independent study must be submitted 30 days prior to the start of the activity to the staff development office.  

NOTE: A person may qualify for a maximum of six semester hours of Boulder Valley Public Schools inservice credit per year.  Inservice education credit will be accumulated and/or applied to the salary schedule only in amounts of one semester hour or more.  

End of File:  GCBA-1-R