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Revised: May 28, 1992


School-Year Personnel

The school calendar, as adopted by the Board, shall establish the school recess periods and holidays for certificated staff members employed on a school-year basis.  

Administrative Team Members

Regular full-time administrators who are employed to work at least 241 days per year shall receive paid vacation.  For the first year appointment and each year thereafter, the administrator shall receive 20 days vacation which will accumulate for his or her use at the rate of one and two-third days per month beginning with the first month of employment.  

Vacation days may be taken as accumulated at the rate of one and two-third days per month, or may accrue to the total of 20 days and be used at the conclusion of the current contract year.

Vacation requests must have the approval of the administrator's immediate supervisor before they are granted, and vacation days used must be reported on the administrator's attendance report.

A schedule shall set forth vacation time for each leadership group.  Certain modifications of vacation schedules may be necessary occasionally to meet work needs in specific schools or departments.  In the case of regular vacations, modifications should be made through proper channels, with final written approval by the appropriate director, Assistant Superintendent, or Superintendent of Schools.

Vacation days accumulated but not used at the conclusion of the contract year may carry over to the following year. The total accumulation may not exceed 40 days of vacation time without the written authorization of the Superintendent of Schools.  

Upon termination, an administrator who has been eligible to receive paid vacation shall be paid a lump sum at his or her current daily rate for accumulated days of vacation.  Additional vacation time shall not be credited based upon the unused, accumulated vacation days for which the administrator is paid.  

Current practice codified 1978

C.R.S. 22-1-112

IC/ICA, School Year/School Calendar

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