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File:    GCC/GCD-3 (pdf)
Adopted: March 21, 1991


The primary goal in the selection and appointment of administrators shall be to employ or appoint the best qualified person for each position, with consideration given to the individual and unique requirements of particular positions.  The hiring and placement of administrators shall reflect the School District's mission, beliefs, and goals

All applicants who are qualified for administrative positions shall have the opportunity to be considered for appointment or promotion without regard to race, age, color, religion, nationality, gender, or handicap. The Boulder Valley School District is an equal opportunity employer and actively seeks minority applicants.  

Selection and appointment procedures for administrators shall be established by the Superintendent. At the Superintendent's direction, the Human Resources Division shall develop specific procedures for the selection and appointment of both certificated and classified administrators.  The Superintendent will share these procedures and any subsequent revisions with the Board of Education.  The Board of Education determines its own procedures for the selection and appointment of the Superintendent of Schools.  

At any point during the selection and appointment process, the Superintendent may determine that additional applicants should be generated.  In such situations, the selection and appointment process will begin again.  

The Superintendent will inform the Board of Education of each administrative vacancy as it occurs and outline the procedure for filling the position.  The Superintendent will make a recommendation for appointment to the Board of Education prior to the official Board meeting at which Board approval is sought.  Announcements to news media will occur after Board of Education action is taken.  

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End of File:  GCC/GCD-3