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File: GBK (pdf)
Adopted: Date of manual adoption (1978)
Revised: February 28, 2017


It is the Board's desire that procedures for settling differences should provide for prompt and equitable resolution at the lowest possible administrative level and that each employee be assured of an opportunity for orderly presentation and review of complaints without fear of reprisal.  

A “grievance” is defined as an alleged material violation of Board of Education policies or administrative regulations related to terms and conditions of employment.

Specific procedures for the resolution of grievances shall be established in agreements between the Board and recognized employee organizations, and shall apply only to grievances as defined in the particular agreement.    
In addition, the Board shall approve complaint and grievance procedures for those employees not represented by an employee group.  

Teachers' agreement, Sections G, J   
Office personnel agreement, Section D    
Service personnel agreement, Article V    
Paraprofessionals' agreement, Section E  

End of File:  GBK