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File:  GBEBC (pdf)
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1. Gifts from Students

Teachers and other employees of the Board shall not accept gifts from students except as such gifts represent tokens. Even token gift-giving shall be discouraged. The Board considers as more welcome and more appropriate the writing of letters by students to staff members to express gratitude and appreciation.

2. Gifts from Staff Members to Staff Members

Individual employees shall refrain from giving gifts to staff members who exercise any administrative or supervisory jurisdiction over them, either directly or indirectly. Generally, the collection of money for group gifts shall be discouraged except in special circumstances such as bereavement, serious illness, or for mementos at retirement.

3. Gifts from Companies

All employees of the Board are prohibited from accepting things of material value from companies or organizations doing business with the School District.  Exceptions to this policy are the acceptance of minor items which are generally distributed by the company or organization through their public relations programs.


No organization may solicit funds of staff members within the schools, nor may anyone distribute flyers or other materials related to fund drives through the schools, without the approval of the Superintendent. Nor shall staff members be made responsible, or assume responsibility, for the collection of any money or distribution of any fund drive literature within the schools without such activity having the Superintendent's approval.

As a matter of policy, the Board expects such activities to be kept to a minimum. The Superintendent shall seek direction from the Board in instances where prior action has set no guidance as to a particular fund drive.

Current practice codified 1978

End of File: GBEBC