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File:  GBEA‐R2 (pdf)
Adopted:  June 27, 1991


I. Types of incidents addressed under this regulation:

Actions toward or against staff members:

A. Physical assault
B. Harassment and/or disorderly conduct
C. Knowingly making a false allegation of child abuse
D. Other actions defined under the Colorado Criminal Code
E. Damage to personal property while attending to School District business

II. Steps to follow:

Employees shall follow these steps when such an incident occurs:

A. The employee shall report the incident to the building principal or immediate Supervisor.
B. The principal shall effect school disciplinary procedures appropriate to the behavior, according to the plan for the school.  In cases where there is proof deemed adequate by the principal that assault or another violation has occurred, the student will be suspended for a minimum of three days.
C The principal will report the complaint in writing to the office of the Superintendent. The Superintendent will report any incident to the Board of Education.

1. The report to the Superintendent should include the following information:

a. Identifying information for the employee and the student(s).
b. Description of the circumstances in which incident occurred.
c. Nature and description of the incident.
d. Disciplinary procedures enacted, if any.
e. Names of any witnesses to the incident.

2. Supporting documentation, when appropriate, should accompany the report to the Superintendent.

3. When the employee involved prefers not to file a report to the law enforcement officials, that information will be reported to the office of the Superintendent along with the report of the incident.

D. The Superintendent or designee shall follow up with the principal to see if additional disciplinary procedures are necessary. The principal and Superintendent, or designee, will collaborate on that decision.

E. The Superintendent or designee will report the incident to the District Attorney's office. The staff in the District Attorney's office will decide whether to pursue the incident.

F. A notice outlining the nature of the report will be sent from the office of the Superintendent to the employee involved.

LEGAL REF.: C.R.S. 22‐32‐109.1(3)

End of File: GBEA‐R2