Boulder Valley School District


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File: GDO (pdf)  
Adopted: Prior to 1969
Revised on the basis of practice: date of manual adoption


When support staff vacancies are to be filled, preference shall be given to qualified applicants from within the school system if the qualifications (proven and potential ability, training, experience, and personality) of such personnel are equal to those of other applicants. 

District support staff positions will be filled, however, on the basis of the best qualified person from among all who apply, including those from within the school system and those from outside. 

An employee promoted to a higher classification shall receive two performance reviews over a four‐month period in the new position. The employee shall discuss the review with the supervisor and shall receive a copy of each. At the completion of the appraisal period, the employee will receive verification of continued employment, appointment, or reinstatement in the former classification. 

Office personnel agreement, Section C 
Service personnel agreement, Article XIII 

GDN, Evaluation of Support Staff 
GBA, Equal Opportunity Employment (And Affirmative Action) 

NOTE: Operation of Physical Plant, Section A, has some procedures pertaining to promotions of custodial staff members. It is on file in the office of Maintenance, Operations, and Safety.  

End of File:  GDO