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File: GDI (pdf)
Adopted: Prior to 1969
Revised: Date of manual adoption; June 25, 1992


The relocation of classified employees may become necessary to meet the needs of the School District and for other good reasons including the desire of an employee to serve elsewhere in the system. Changes in assignments may, therefore, be initiated by the employee or by the administration. 

It shall be the objective of the administration to effect transfers and reassignments in full cooperation with all concerned, when possible. Specific procedures and considerations governing transfers and reassignments shall be in accordance with negotiated agreements with the several employee units. The Board delegates to the Superintendent of Schools or designee the authority to establish equitable procedures for the transfer or reassignment of those classified employees not subject to a negotiated agreement. 

Office personnel agreement, Section C 
Service personnel agreement, Article XIII 
Paraprofessionals' agreement, Section D
End of File:  GDI