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File:  GDC/GDD (pdf)
Adopted:  Prior to 1969
Revised on the basis of practice: date of manual adoption



The Boulder Valley School District is committed to securing the services of the best support staff personnel available. Only qualified individuals who meet state statutory requirements and satisfy locally established standards will be considered. 

The Boulder Valley School District seeks minority applicants. The District is committed to a support staff enhanced by the contribution of representatives of different races, creeds, sexes, and ethnic backgrounds. 

All support staff personnel shall be recruited by the District's professional staff under the immediate direction of the Director of Personnel. 

Posting of Vacancies 

Notice of support staff vacancies, accompanied by a brief job description, shall be posted by the Personnel Division in all buildings throughout the School District. When appropriate, other recruitment sources may also be advised of the vacancy. 

Any qualified employee may apply according to District procedures. 

Applicants will be prescreened by the Personnel Department, and candidates will be referred to the line administrator where the vacancy exists. The line administrator shall forward a recommendation to the Director of Personnel or his designee for final approval. 

Other factors being equal, the order of preference for appointment will be: 

  1. An employee assigned to the department/building in which the vacancy occurs. 
  2. Other employees within the school system. 
  3. Applicants outside the school system. 

Selection It is the policy of the Boulder Valley School District to select employees fully on the basis of character, qualifications, and critical job requirements. Employees will be selected in a manner which does not discriminate against them on the basis of race, color, sex, creed, age, handicap, marital status, or national origin. 


The actual appointment of support staff personnel is made by the Board of Education upon the recommendation of the Superintendent of Schools. 

All support staff personnel employed by the District shall be required to furnish to the Personnel Division all prescribed documents, and are required to meet all District requirements prior to actively assuming an assignment. 

C.R.S. 22‐32‐109(1)(f) 

Office personnel agreement, Section C 
Service personnel agreement, Article XIII 
Paraprofessionals' agreement, Section D 

GBA, Equal Opportunity Employment (And Affirmative Action) 
NOTE: See Operation of Physical Plant, Section A, for detailed procedures regarding the employment of custodial staff members. It is on file in the office of Maintenance, Operations, and Safety.
End of File:  GDC/GDD