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Outline of Tenure Teacher Dismissal Procedures

  1. Written charges are filed with the Board by the Superintendent or one of the members of the Board. 
  2. The Board accepts or rejects the charges for review. 
  3. The Secretary of the Board sends written notice to the teacher, as detailed in the law. 
  4. The teacher may exercise the right to a hearing before a panel of three persons: one selected by the Board, one by the teacher, and a third selected by the other two. If they cannot agree, the lieutenant governor names the third panel member. 
  5. The panel conducts hearings. 
  6. A record and transcript is made of all evidence and testimony received by the panel. 
  7. The panel reviews evidence and testimony and makes written findings of fact. 
  8. The panel recommends that the teacher be dismissed or retained. 
  9. The Board Secretary notifies the teacher of the time and place for Board consideration of panel findings. 
  10. The Board, after reviewing the findings and recommendations, may order that the teacher be dismissed, that the teacher be retained, or that the teacher be placed on probation for a period of one year. 

Current practice codified 1978 

C.R.S. 22‐63‐117

End of File: GCPD-E1