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File: GDPD (pdf)
Adopted: February 23, 1989


Specific dismissal procedures shall be established with each employee group.  

Two weeks' written notice shall be given regular employees who are dismissed as a result of retrenchment or abolition of position due to lack of work or funds or for reasons beyond the employee's control.  Temporary employees may be dismissed without advance notice. 

When an employee demonstrates inability to do the work assigned, the department supervisor or principal will advise the employee in writing according to established District procedures, and shall offer concrete suggestions for correction and improvement.  If, after a reasonable length of time, it becomes evident that the employee cannot satisfactorily fill the position, the employee shall be dismissed.

An employee dismissed for just cause may be dismissed without advance notice but will be given written notification setting forth the reasons for dismissal.  "Just cause" includes, but is not limited to:  

  1. Absence without notification; 
  2. Excessive absence or tardiness; 
  3. Abuse of illness leave privileges;  
  4. Discourteous, offensive, or abusive conduct or language toward other employees, students, or the public; 
  5. Unethical or obscene actions, gestures, or statements toward other employees, students, or any other person while on District property, during working hours, or at any time or place to the extent the conduct may adversely affect the operations of the District or the employee's fitness to perform his or her duties;  
  6. Dishonesty; 
  7. Possessing, using, transmitting, addiction to, or being under the influence of any narcotic drug, hallucinogenic drug, amphetamine, barbiturate, marijuana, alcoholic beverage, chemical, controlled substance, or intoxicant of any kind not prescribed by a physician, while on duty or while on District property at any time as an employee;  
  8. Falsifying any information supplied to the School District, including, but not limited to, information supplied on application forms, employment records, or any other School District records;  
  9. Incompetency or inefficiency in the performance of duties, including, but not limited to, failure to follow or carry out instructions or failure to perform a job assignment in a satisfactory manner;  
  10. Insubordination, including, but not limited to, refusal to properly perform assigned work; 
  11. Failure to possess a valid driver's license, or being denied coverage as a driver of District vehicles by the general liability insurance carrier insuring the District, when it is a requirement of the position;
  12. Failure to follow District policies, safety regulations, procedures, or practices or failure to report conditions or situations which could be injurious to personnel or equipment;  
  13. Medical disability resulting in unfitness for continued duty;  
  14. Provoking, instigating, or participating in a fight or scuffle on District property or while on duty; 
  15. Temporary or permanent removal, use of, or possession of District property without proper authorization; and 
  16. Conduct by an employee at any time or in any place which may adversely affect the health, safety, or welfare of students or personnel, the operation of the District, or the employee's fitness to perform his or her duties.  

An employee so dismissed may, if he or she desires, pursue the matter through the line of authority outlined in the appropriate grievance procedure.  Should the decision be made in the employee's favor, he or she will not suffer any loss in pay or other fringe benefits as a result of the time and grievance hearing.  

C.R.S. 22-32-110(1)(h) C.R.S. 22-32-126(3)
End of File: GDPD