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File: HE (pdf)
Adopted: prior to 1969
Revised: February 10, 1977


Prior to the time set for entering into the process of negotiations, the Board and the negotiating unit shall each appoint a negotiating team which shall conduct negotiations.

The negotiating team for the Board may be selected from the administrative staff of the school system and shall be responsible to the Board of Education and the Superintendent. Either party may, if it so desires, use the services of outside consultants and may call upon proper representatives to participate in negotiations.

The duties of the Board's chief negotiator shall be as follows:

  1. The chief negotiator shall report to the Board of Education and shall work in consultation with the Superintendent of Schools.
  2. As chairman of the Board's negotiations team, he shall assume leadership responsibility in developing positions, representing the Board in the negotiation process, and in preparing agreements with employees.
  3. Detailed duties:

a. Solicits parameters and guidelines from the Board as basis for the modification of agreements with negotiating units.
b. Discusses with administrators requirements of the District and long-range objectives that need to influence the development of District proposals and positions.
c. Initiates and schedules meetings with negotiating units for exchange of proposals and counterproposals.
d. Serves as chairman of the Board team in negotiations meetings.
e. Prepares and modifies, as needed, counterproposals and positions and discusses with Board members and administrators as
their time permits.
f. Advises Superintendent and Board of Education on financial implications of various proposals.
g. Assembles comparative data from other districts as requested concerning issues in negotiations.
h. Prepares media releases and/or discusses negotiations status as needed with news media.
i. Develops data and position statements as needed for a mediator or fact-finder.
j. Discusses contents and implications of agreements with administrators as requested.
k. Participates in the handling of grievances as requested.

Teachers' agreement, Section B
Office personnel agreement, Section B
Service personnel agreement, Article III

HG, Method of Determining Staff Negotiating Organizations

End of File: HE