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File: HN (pdf)
Adopted prior to 1969
Revised on the basis of practice: date of manual adoption


When it becomes apparent that the parties are unable to reach a satisfactory agreement, they may declare that an impasse exists, and the following procedure shall be followed for mediation:

  1. The issues in dispute shall be submitted to a mediator for the purpose of inducing the Board and the organization to make a voluntary agreement.
  2. The selection of a mediator shall be made by written request of the American Arbitration Association or, as appropriate, of the Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service. If the FMCS is to be used, a request to them for assistance shall be made by each party or are required by the FMCS.
  3. If the AAA is to be used, the request should ask for the names of seven qualified mediators, to be submitted to the Board and the organization. From among these, a mediator shall be selected by agreement between the Board and the organization. If there is no agreement, the Board and the organization shall alternately strike names from the list until one name remains. If this person declines to mediate the dispute, the last two names to be stricken from the list shall be sent to the AAA with the request to select the mediator from these two.
  4. The format, dates, and times of meetings will be arranged by the mediator, and such meetings will be conducted in closed sessions.
  5. The mediator shall meet with representatives of the Board and the organization, either separately or together.
  6. If mediation fails in whole or in part, the mediator shall report the issues that remain in dispute to the respective parties.
  7. The cost for services of the mediator, including per diem expenses, if any, and necessary and actual travel expenses, shall be shared equally between the Board and the organization.

Teachers' agreement, Section B
Office personnel agreement, Section B
Service personnel agreement, Article IV
Paraprofessionals' agreement, Section B

NOTE: The agreement between the Board and the BVEA also contains a
fact-finding procedure in the event mediation fails to bring about agreement
on all issues. See Teachers' agreement, B-6.3.1 et seq.

End of File: HN