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File: HJ (pf)
Adopted prior to 1969
Revised: date of manual adoption


Following the granting of recognition to an organization to represent an employee unit, the Board of Education, through its designated representatives, will meet with the representatives of the organization to negotiate and reach agreement on matters pertaining to salaries, terms and conditions of employment, and processing of alleged grievances.

Time and Place of Negotiations

Negotiations meetings shall be scheduled at times which will interfere least with school schedules and the educational program. They will be conducted at times and places mutually agreeable to the negotiators named by each party.

Initiating Negotiations

The request for negotiations between the representative organization and the Board shall be submitted in writing and shall include all proposals to be negotiated. Within ten days following the receipt of request for negotiations, both the Board and the organization shall make written acknowledgment of such request.

Conducting Negotiations

During negotiations, the representatives of the Board and the organizations will present relevant data, exchange points of view, and make proposals and counterproposals. Upon the request of either party, the other will make available for inspection its records and data pertinent to the subject of negotiation.

Formal negotiations meetings between the parties shall be conducted in open or closed sessions, as agreed upon between the parties. During negotiations, unilateral communications by the Board to organization members or by the organization to the Board or its individual members on matters concerning or pertaining to current negotiation are prohibited. This does not preclude the
Superintendent or other administrators from communicating with District employees — or vice versa — on matters relating to the normal conduct of District affairs.

The procedures set forth in this policy do not preclude additional negotiations whenever the Board and the organization agree that such negotiations are necessary.

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