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Adopted: March 31, 1985  
Revised: November 18, 1993, June 28, 2005, January 27, 2015

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The Board of Education is responsible for approving all courses of study in the Boulder Valley Schools.  Proposed revisions, additions, or deletions of courses are considered by the Board upon recommendation of the Superintendent of Schools or designee.  The development, revision, and implementation of curriculum are intricate processes, and require the close collaboration of staff in the Division of Instructional Services and Equity and other concerned people.  

The Board of Education of the Boulder Valley School District recognizes the important role of research in keeping curriculum appropriate, significant, and effective for students.  The Board of Education, therefore, encourages the continuing search at the classroom, building, district, state, national, and international levels for new and improved ways to be responsive to different learning needs and aspirations of students; to changes in society's needs or directions; and to different and changing educational expectations of the community.  To that end, it is the policy of the Boulder Valley School District to encourage and support the research of new instructional ideas and the development of curricula that have promise for improving teaching and learning.  


The Division of Instructional Services and Equity is charged with supervising the district curriculum.  The curricula of the district will be reviewed and revised on a regular basis, not to exceed ten years, in order to assure that district students have the opportunity to learn the knowledge and skills that have been identified as most important. This regular revision will occur through the processes established by the Division of Instructional Services and Equity and will involve appropriate staff.  Deletion of courses no longer appropriate will occur at this time.

Revised curricula will be approved by the Board of Education prior to implementation with the exception of minor revisions made between regular review cycles.  Proposed new or revised curricula shall be available for public review and comment prior to being presented to the Board of Education for adoption.


Proposals for new courses must be approved by the Board of Education prior to activation in the schools of the district.  The process for securing approval of new courses requires the submission of a proposal that includes responding to several guiding questions:  (1) What is the description of the new course?; (2) Why is the new course needed? What solutions or opportunities will the course create?; (3) How will the new course forward the vision, mission, and goals of the Boulder Valley School District?; (4) How does this course enhance the BVSD curricula already in place?; (5) What knowledge or skills will the teacher need to be successful in teaching this course?; (6) What are any resource and training needs?; and (7) What is the anticipated funding source to support the proposal?  In addition, the prior review by other appropriate groups as determined by the Assistant Superintendent of Instructional Services and Equity may be required. Form IF-E, Proposal for New Courses, must be used in the request for approval.

The Board of Education is charged by state statute with the responsibility to approve all programs of instruction in the district.  Therefore, the professional staff is advised that the Board:

  1. Requires the professional staff to follow published guidelines concerning curriculum development and to teach the approved curriculum;
  2. Encourages development of curricular offerings that are responsive to the needs and interests of all students;
  3. Reaffirms its policies relating to learning materials selection and adoption and teaching of controversial issues in the schools; and
  4. Recognizes and supports use of the classroom teacher's responsible judgment in selecting appropriate supplemental materials for use from among the array of such materials available.

Portions adopted prior to 1969

C.R.S. § 22-32-109(1)(t)  
 Teachers' agreement, Section E

IF subcodes (all relate to curriculum development)
IJ, Instructional Materials Selection and Adoption
INB, Teaching About Controversial Issues
KEC, Public Complaints About Curriculum or Instruction

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