Boulder Valley School District



File: IKA/IKAA/IKAB (pdf)
Adopted: September 25, 1980 
Revised:  June 14, 2005

Associated Regulation:  IKA-R/IKAA-R/IKAB-R


It is the policy of the Board of Education that the process for assessing and reporting student performance shall emphasize progress toward and achievement of the district’s curriculum content standards, benchmarks, and essential learning results.  The district administration and professional staff shall collaboratively devise a grading and reporting system for evaluating and reporting student progress that reflects student performance in relation to Board-adopted content standards, benchmarks, and essential learning results of the curriculum. Adjustments to the grading system for Special Education students or English Language Learner students shall be consistent with legal requirements in place at the time.

The grading system and reporting procedure shall take into consideration demands on teacher and parent time and must be in a form that is meaningful to students and parents. Reporting shall be consistent district-wide at comparable grade levels.  Accurate records of pupil achievement based on an appropriate body of evidence shall be kept by each teacher and used to determine achievement during each marking period.

Cross Refs.:
IKC, Weighted Grades   
IKC-R, Weighted Grades (Regulation), and Associated Exhibits

End of File:  IKA/IKAA/IKAB