Boulder Valley School District



File: IGAE-R (pdf) 

Effective: July 11, 2019


 Excusal Procedure

1.        As required by State law, the School District will excuse students from any portion of the health education curriculum, including human sexuality education, upon the request of the student's parent/guardian.

2.        Schools are responsible for complying with the notice requirements in Board Policy and for making information available in the form that works for the school community, including providing hard copies for families that may not have digital access.

3.        Upon request, each school shall give parents/guardians an opportunity to review the materials to be used and may arrange a conference with the instructor and/or principal to assist the parent/guardian in determining whether to request an exemption for the student from a specific portion of the planned instruction.

4.        A request for exemption must be submitted in writing to the teacher using the District’s form, IGAE‐E, identifying the portion of the curriculum for which the exemption is requested.

5.        The principal will confer with the teacher to determine the length of time a student will be excused. The teacher will develop an alternative activity for which the student will receive credit.

6.        Teachers will transmit excusal forms to the Principal who will assure all excusal forms are maintained in the student’s file.


End of File: IGAE-R