Boulder Valley School District



File: IA (pdf)
Adopted: October 25, 1979


The goals of education in the Boulder Valley Public Schools are to help each student:

1. Acquire the fundamental tools of learning — reading, writing, mathematics, speaking,listening, and observing.
2. Develop a positive attitude toward learning and the desire and ability to continue learning throughout one's life.
3. Achieve excellence in the development of unique talents and abilities to the extent of individual capacity.
4. Experience appropriate learning environments which will encourage curiosity, excite a sense of exploration, and provide the means and time to explore.
5. Develop, in cooperation with the home and community, a personal value system including a sense of integrity and morality leading to a mature personality.
6. Acquire the basic knowledge necessary for good health and safety and develop understanding, attitudes, and skills for a satisfying and healthful utilization of leisure time throughout life.
7. Recognize and understand the strengths and deficiencies of one's own and other cultures and the significance of the family in society.
8. Develop the skills, knowledge, and attitudes to function effectively and productively in the world of work.
9. Understand the meaning and significance of the economic, political, and social systems in our society.
10. Develop a respect for self and others.
11. Develop a knowledge and understanding of world resources and a recognition of responsibility to care for the environment.

C.R.S. 22-32-109(1)(t)

AD, Educational Philosophy
AE-E, School District Goals and Objectives
AF, Commitment to Accomplishment (and attendant exhibits, all relating to the District's accountability program and various accountability models for curriculum, instruction, and support services)

NOTE: In the implementation of these goals, the Board works with the professional staff in the continual specification and refinement of program-level goals for each discipline. These program-level goals, as they are completed and adopted, are considered addenda to this policy and are available at the office of the Assistant Superintendent for Educational Services.

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