Boulder Valley School District



File: IGDJ (pdf)
Adopted: March 7, 1978, July 1, 2023


The School District shall provide equal opportunity for all students to participate in interscholastic athletics and activities.

Eligibility requirements for participation in School District athletic programs and activities are set by Board Policy, the School District’s Athletic Handbook, the Colorado High School Activities Association or other governing associations’s rules and regulations and/or applicable law.

Coaches and adults working or volunteering in School District athletic programs and activities must sign an annual agreement with the School District and participate in training, including through Safe Sport or other School District approved equivalent, before participating. Coaches and volunteers are subject to the expectations in GBEB-R regarding professional boundaries when engaging with students. Communication with students shall only occur on BVSD approved platforms.

Students are expected to participate in the athletic program or activities of the schools in their regular attendance area. Students who open enroll or are administratively transferred or placed in other schools for non-athletic purposes are expected to participate in activities at their school of enrollment.

Transfers to schools other than the school of regular attendance solely for athletic or activity reasons is not permitted. Students who wish to participate in interscholastic athletics, and who have the permission, for academic or personal reasons, of the School District to attend a school not in their regular attendance area or to return to their regular attendance area, may forfeit participation in the interscholastic athletic program for a period of time consistent with this Policy, applicable law, and/or the rules of the Colorado High School Activities Association or other governing association.

In those rare and unusual circumstances where an extreme hardship on a student would result from deferred eligibility, the School District shall consider a waiver of this eligibility rule by a panel consisting of the School District’s Athletic Director, the principal of the high school of the attendance area in which the student resides, and the principal of the high school that the student is seeking to enter or leave. Formal request must be made by the student or family prior to April 1 for decisions to be implemented the following school year.

Appeals of the decisions of the athletic eligibility panel may be made to the Superintendent or designee. The decision of the Superintendent or designee shall be final unless the Board of Education agrees to hear the matter upon request by the student or student’s family.  

Recruitment of athletes from other attendance areas by any District employee or student shall constitute grounds for disciplinary action.


IGDJA, Interscholastic Athletic Code
JLA, Student Insurance Program
JHCA, Physical Examinations of Students

End of File: IGDJ