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File: IGDJ (pdf)
Adopted: March 7, 1978


The School District shall provide equal opportunity for both sexes to participate in
interscholastic athletics subject to the regulations promulgated by the Department of
Health, Education and Welfare.

Eligibility requirements for participation in intra-District athletic programs are set by the
Boulder Valley Schools' Athletic Policy Handbook and the Colorado High School Activities Association rules and regulations.

Students are expected to participate in the sports program of the schools in their regular attendance area. Transfers to schools other than the school of regular attendance solely for athletic reasons is not permitted. Students who wish to participate in interscholastic athletics, and who have the permission, for academic or personal reasons, of the Supervisor of Pupil Services to attend a school not in their regular attendance area, will forfeit two consecutive semesters of participation in the interscholastic athletic program of the Boulder Valley School District. Further, if it is determined the following year the student wishes to return to the school of his attendance area, an additional year of eligibility may be lost. This is consistent with rules of the Colorado High School Activities Association.

Such eligibility rule shall be in force between the 8th and 9th grades for Centaurus and
Nederland, and 9th and 10th grades for Boulder, Broomfield, and Fairview high schools.
In those rare and unusual circumstances where an extreme hardship on an athlete would result if he or she were not declared eligible during his or her first two semesters in high school, waiver of this eligibility rule will be considered and determined by a panel consisting of the Executive Director of Secondary Education, the principal of the high school of the attendance area in which the athlete resides, and the principal of the high school which the student is seeking to enter. Formal requests must be made by the athlete and/or his or her parent or guardian prior to April 1 of the athlete's last year of attendance in a middle level school.

Appeals of the decisions of the athletic eligibility panel may be made to the
Superintendent of Schools and subsequently to the Board of Education if an athlete
and/or his or her parents are not satisfied by the decisions. Recruitment of athletes from other attendance areas by any District employees or by any other student shall be prohibited. Recruitment shall constitute grounds for disciplinary action for the student and any District employee(s) involved.

Current practice codified 1978

IGDJA*, Interscholastic Athletic Code
JHA, Student Insurance Program
JHCA, Physical Examinations of Students

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