Boulder Valley School District



File IF-E1 (pdf)
Revised: June 28, 2005


Contact Person______________________________    School _______________________

Department ________________________________    Date _________________________

Name of Proposed Course: ______________________________________________________

Grade Level(s):  _______   Number of Credits ___________  Weighted  ____ yes ____ no

Prerequisites (if any) ___________________________________________________________

Proposed Implementation Date __________________________________________________

Type of Proposal (Check One)

______  New Course – District-wide Implementation

______  New Course – Trial Status Implementation

______  Title Change Only  (Respond to 1 and 2 only)

______  Credit Change  (Provide reason in 2 below)

______  Other (please explain)

Course Proposal:

  1. Briefly describe the new course in the format used in course description booklets.
  2. Explain why the new course is needed in terms of the student needs it will meet and how it will meet them.
  3. How will the proposed course address the needs of diverse learners, consistent with the district’s goal of reducing differences in patterns of achievement among various student groups?
  4. Explain how this course enhances and articulates with the District curricula already in place and supports achievement of district priorities and/or initiatives.
  5. List the essential learning results for the course and show how they align with the BVSD Academic Content Standards for this discipline, if applicable.  Please put them in a format similar to that of other courses in this same content area at this level.
  6. What resources are needed and where will they come from:
    a. What kinds of professional development will be needed and who will provide?
    b. What learning materials will be needed for the course and how will they be obtained?
  7. What other input, if any, have you had regarding this course?
  8. If Trial Status proposal, how will this course be evaluated?  (Required for Trial Status – Submit Form IF-E3, Evaluation for New Course Proposal:  Trial Status


Contact Person______________________________________ Date _____________________

Department Chair(s) _________________________________ Date _____________________
_________________________________ Date _____________________


Principal ___________________________________________ Date _____________________

Curriculum Advisory Board Meeting Date:  _______________________________________

Asst. Supt. of Learning Services _______________________ Date _____________________
(after Curriculum Advisory Board review)

Board of Education Approval Date: ______________________________________________

Superintendent of Schools _____________________________ Date _____________________

End of File:  IF-E1