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File: IKF-E1 (pdf)
Adopted: June 5, 2013

Petition for Early Graduation

Name:                                                                                       Date:      

School:                                                                                      Age:                                           Grade:     

Please list your detailed plans for completing graduation requirements, including required courses (with credits) to be completed:


Please list reasons for your request to graduate early, including a description of how you plan to use the time gained by graduating early:


Student Signature:                                                                   Date:    

Parent Signature:                                                                     Date:      

Note: Please remember to complete the checkout procedure prior to your last day of attendance.

Total Credits earned to date:     
Credits in progress:       
Will all grad. req.’s be met?    Y  /  N

Have any req.’s been waived? Y /  N    If so, which?          
Please attach to this form:    ❑ Credit Tracker    ❑ Next semester schedule    ❑ Transcript
Counselor comments:


Counselor Signature:         Date:      

I approve for graduation to occur after    ❑ 6    or    ❑ 7   semesters.
(Superintendent’s signature is only required for students graduating after six semesters.)

Official graduation date (as appears on transcript):       
Diploma will have date of Commencement Ceremony:     

Principal Signature:                                                                                     Date:      

Superintendent (or designee) Signature:                                                     Date:
Copies of this completed form should be sent to (1) the District Registrar and (2) kept in the student’s cumulative file.

End of File: IKF-E1