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File: IGADB-R (pdf)
Adopted:   date of manual adoption
Revised: January 23, 1992


All postsecondary occupational courses must be taught by vocational instructors who have the proper credentials as specified by the State Board for Community Colleges and Occupational Education.

A full-time equivalency equals 30 semester hours.

Semester credits are determined by hours of classroom instruction, laboratory, independent study, and cooperative education.


The school does not require a physical examination as a general condition of admission but reserves the right to require evidence of good health. Students with physical disabilities and/or chronic illnesses which affect their ability to fully participate in the educational program or which may affect other students are required to report these
conditions to the TEC Registrar.

  1. Any person 16 years of age or older who has completed or left high school may be considered for admittance to the Postsecondary Program.
  2. Subject to available space, late enrollments are accepted through the first week of classes.
  3. Selected programs are open entry and accept students throughout the year. Other classes require registration per the semester schedule.
  4. Students may be accepted without a high school diploma or GED but may be required to complete interest and aptitude assessments.
  5. Veterans must report previous education and training to the Financial Aid Office.
  6. Financial obligations to TEC must be paid in full prior to continuing or reenrollment.

Financial Obligation of Students

The financial obligations of students to the school — such as payments for tuition and fees — are due and payable on the published specified date or at the time the obligations are incurred. When unusual circumstances make it impossible for a student to pay the total charges at the proper time, special arrangements may be approved by the supervisor of postsecondary occupational education.

Tuition is annually set by the Board of Education consistent with Colorado Commission on Higher Education Guidelines and is computed on semester hours of credit. The rate for residents applies if a student has been domiciled in Colorado for one year prior to the term he or she enters the program. Nonresident tuition is computed by credit hour at a rate 3.5 times resident tuition.


The student must contact the admissions office in person and officially withdraw from class by completing a withdrawal form.

Refunds shall be computed as follows:

  1. A $20 processing fee is charged for all withdrawals except for classes cancelled by the school.
  2. A 100% refund of tuition and fees less the $20 processing fee shall be made when a student officially withdraws from class prior to the second class session.
  3. A 75% refund of tuition and fees less the $20 processing fee shall be made when a student officially withdraws from class prior to the third class session.
  4. All refunds shall be processed by the Boulder Valley School District and returned by U.S. Mail to the student at the address given by the student on the registration form.
  5. Students officially withdrawing with a balance of tuition due shall be responsible for the amount of tuition less any applicable refund.
  6. A full refund will be made when a class is cancelled by the school.

Current practice codified 1978

End of File: IGADB-R