Boulder Valley School District



File: IKE-R  (pdf)
Issued: August 24, 1995  
Revised: April 23, 1998, October 5, 2005, May 12, 2015



The following procedure is addressed to those students whose progress has been of such concern or excellence that retention or acceleration could be considered beneficial.  The procedure is designed to provide support and assistance for these students and may be interrupted at any time if retention or acceleration is no longer being considered.  

This procedure may be initiated by teachers, parent(s) or guardian, and/or other school personnel in the form of a written request outlining reasons why retention or acceleration is appropriate.

The decision to promote, retain or accelerate a student is made by a team of school professionals and parent(s)/guardian(s). The team considering retention or acceleration may include but is not limited to the parent(s)/guardian(s), principal, school psychologist and/or social worker, nurse, special education staff, language and literacy specialist, math specialist, regular education staff, talented and gifted specialist, 504 coordinator, school counselor, or other resource people as requested by the team.

The team will use the Guiding Questions Document to support conversations and decision making during this process [See: IKE-E1]. The Guiding Questions Document will be submitted to the appropriate assistant superintendent for signature, then filed in the student's cumulative folder and with the enrollment office.

A student whose academic, social or emotional performance may be affected by limited English proficiency may not be considered for retention.


Step One:   An initial parent-teacher conference is held at the request of the teacher, the parent(s)/guardian(s), or other school personnel to discuss concerns regarding the student’s academic and behavioral performance. The Guiding Questions Document [See: IKE-E1] is used to structure the conversation about the student’s performance.

Step Two:      A second conference by an appropriate team will convene in a timely manner to review the concerns discussed in the initial conference. Recommendations and a plan for further interventions will be made, including a timeline for reaching a final decision for retention or acceleration. The principal will inform the appropriate Assistant Superintendent of the intent to consider retention or acceleration and provide a decision making timeline.

Step Three: A third conference is held to review progress of interventions, complete Guiding Questions Document [See: IKE-E1] and make a placement decision. The principal’s recommendation for retention or acceleration will be made in conjunction with the assistant superintendent within 45 days of the end of the current school year.

Step Four:   A team will review the student’s progress and update the plan as needed by the end of the following fall quarter or trimester as appropriate. Periodic monitoring of the student’s progress will be conducted until it is determined that such monitoring is no longer necessary. The information related to the student’s placement will be documented in the student information system and the cumulative folder.

Appeals Process to a Decision for Retention or Acceleration

When parents/guardians disagree with the determination made at any of the decision-points in the process, they may request, in writing, a review of the decision within two weeks of receipt of the decision. The review group will include the parent(s)/guardian(s), principal, teacher(s) and specialists, and as appropriate, a representative from Instructional Services and Equity. The group may consider additional data regarding the student’s functioning for use in decision-making. The review group will meet and share a decision within two weeks of the written request.

If the parent(s)/guardian(s) disagrees with the review group’s decision, an appeal may be made, in writing, to the superintendent within two weeks of the decision. After consideration of the appeal, the appeal decision will be communicated to the parent(s)/guardian(s) in writing.

The ruling by the superintendent is final.  

End of File: IKE-R