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IKE - E1

IKE - E1

File: IKE - E1 (pdf)
Issued: August 24, 1995  
Revised: April 23, 1998, October 5, 2005, May 12, 2015


When a retention or acceleration decision is being considered consistent with FILE: IKE - R, these guiding questions should be discussed as it pertains to the individual student and his/her instructional programming.

Documentation and history of implemented intervention and support must be attached.

Student Name _______________________Date of Birth___________ Current Grade _______

Names of Team Members ___________________________________________________

Conference Date_____________

Person Initiating Retention or Acceleration Conference _________________________

Conference attendees and relationship to child:
__________________________________     __________________________________
__________________________________     __________________________________
__________________________________     __________________________________
__________________________________     __________________________________

  1. Achievement Data
    a. What do the state and district assessments show?
    b. What do formative class assessments and notes show?
    c. How does the student perform in class (whole group, small group, individual work)?
  2. Social Emotional Development
    a. Are there social emotional strengths and needs that should be discussed?
    i. How does the student relate to peers?
    ii. How does the student react to/deal with conflict and challenge?
    b. What targeted strategies have been implemented with this student? (school, community and family)
  3. Response to Instruction and Intervention
    a. What instructional strategies have been implemented to accelerate learning for this student throughout the school day? Include objectives, frequency and duration.
    i. What growth has been made as a result of these supports over time? Provide student work and progress monitoring data.
    b. How has the student progressed towards ALP goals (if applicable)?
    c. How has the student progressed towards READ Plan goals (if applicable)?
    d. How has the student progressed towards IEP goals (if applicable)?
  4. Language Development
    a. What goals have been identified in the ELDP?
    b. What do ACCESS scores indicate regarding the student’s language needs? (speaking, listening, reading and writing)
    c. In what ways has universal instruction been differentiated to meet the linguistic needs of the student?
  5. Physical Health
    a. What is the student’s age, birth date and current grade?
    b. Are there health factors that should be considered?
  6. Attendance Patterns
    a. Describe pattern of absences and tardies over time.
    b. What family, community and school interventions or supports have been provided to address absence patterns?
  7. Family Information
    a. What does the family think is the best course of action and why?
    b. What other familial structures or dynamics should be considered?
    c. What is the student’s attitude toward being retained or accelerated?

What may be the potential benefits of retention or acceleration?

What may be the potential detriments of retention or acceleration?

Placement Decision:
Retention at grade ________        Acceleration to grade ________
Full time _______      Part time (specify which class or classes if part time): _________________

Principal Signature ___________________________________________ Date: ______________

Assistant Superintendent Signature _____________________________ Date: ______________

cc: Student Cumulative Folder, Student Enrollment Office

End of File:  IKE- E1