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File: IJOC (pdf)
Adopted:  March 23, 1989
Revised:  April 23, 2013


The Board recognizes the valuable contributions that school volunteers can make to the learning process and educational goals of the school district. Instructional programs are enhanced through the participation of parents/guardians and community members, groups, business and other organizations. Volunteers contribute time, resources, and expertise and provide needed support to help ensure educational success for all students.

All school volunteers must be approved by an administrator and work under the supervision and direction of school district staff members. The Board encourages schools to develop and implement plans for utilizing school volunteers in support of district and school goals.

Volunteers shall be insured for liability under the district’s insurance programs, but shall not be entitled to any employee benefits of any type, including, but not limited to, benefits under workers’ compensation laws, unemployment compensation laws, wage and hour laws, and similar or related laws.

The Superintendent or designee is responsible for the implementation and supervision of school volunteer programs. School volunteer programs must provide the following:

  • adequate screening of volunteers based upon the amount of contact they will have with students, which may include a criminal background records check in accordance with applicable regulation;
  • reasonable supervision of volunteers based at least in part upon the amount of contact they will have with students;
  • adequate training of volunteers by the school, including familiarizing volunteers with applicable laws, district policies and regulations, and school rules.

All volunteers will be expected to be professional and dependable in their volunteer activities, and to comply with applicable laws, district policies and regulations, and school rules.

LEGAL REFS.:    C.R.S. 8-40-202 (Workers' Compensation Act)
C.R.S. 24-10-103(4)(a) (Colorado Governmental Immunity Act)

EEAE, Student Transportation in Private Vehicles
IJOCA (Volunteer Use of District Technology)
KI (Visitors to the Schools)

End of File: IJOC