Boulder Valley School District



File:  IKA/IKAA/IKAB - E6 (pdf)
Adopted: December 2, 2015
Revised: February 5, 2018


State and federal law require district students to take standardized assessments in the instructional areas of English language arts, math and science. State law also requires students to take standardized assessments in the instructional area of social studies. Accordingly, the district shall administer standardized assessments pursuant to these state and federal legal requirements.

State law also requires the district to adopt procedures concerning the use of pencil and paper on the computerized portion of state assessments; parent requests to excuse their children from taking state assessments; and the district's assessment calendar.

  1. Pencil and paper testing option

The district may determine that a specific classroom or school within the district will use pencil and paper to complete the computerized portions of a state assessment. Factors that will be considered in making this determination include:

  • the technological capacity and resources of the particular school/classroom;
  • students' previous experience with computerized and written assessments;
  • whether the instructional methodology of the particular school/classroom is consistent with the use of computerized assessments or written assessments; and
  • the logistics of administering the state assessment in different formats at a particular school or schools.

Prior to making this determination, the Superintendent or designee shall consult with the school principal(s) affected by this determination, as well as parents/guardians of students enrolled in the district.

For students with disabilities, the use of pencil and paper instead of a computer to complete a state assessment shall be determined by the student's Individualized Education Program (IEP) team or Section 504 team, in accordance with applicable law.

2. Parent/guardian request for exemption

The parent/guardian of a student enrolled in the district may request that his or her child be exempt from participating in one or more state assessments.

  1. The request for exemption must be submitted in writing to the school principal.
  2. The parent/guardian will not be required to state the reason for asking for the exemption.
  3. The request for exemption must be filed by March 5 in a school year, to allow schools sufficient time to plan spring test administration, and may apply to all or specific state assessments administered to the student during the school year.
  4. A request for exemption will be valid for one school year. Requests for exemption from state assessments in subsequent school years require a new written request.
  5. Parents/guardians are encouraged to submit their requests for exemption at the earliest possible date each school year so that the district may plan accordingly.

In accordance with state law, the district shall not impose a negative consequence upon a student whose parent/guardian has requested an exemption from a state assessment or assessments.

This exemption process shall apply only to state assessments administered pursuant to C.R.S. 22-7-1006.3 and shall not apply to district or classroom assessments.

3. Sharing of student state assessment results with parents/guardians

The Colorado Department of Education is required to provide diagnostic academic growth information for each student enrolled in the district and for each public school in the district based on the state assessment results for the preceding school years. This information shall be included in each student's individual student record. Appropriate school personnel, including those who work directly with the student, shall have access to the student's state assessment results and longitudinal academic growth information and shall share with and explain that information to the student's parent/guardian.

4. Distribution of Assessment Calendar to Parents/Guardians

The district shall distribute an assessment calendar and related information to parents/guardians on an annual basis to inform them about the state and district assessments that the district plans to administer during the school year. This information shall also be posted on the district's website.

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End of File: IKA-IKAA-IKAB E6