Boulder Valley School District



File: IGDF (pdf)
Adopted: September 25, 1980


The Board of Education recognizes there may be some need for students to raise funds to conduct school activities. All such related activities are regulated by the District and must be:

  1. Conducted by a recognized student group for the purpose of contributing to educational objectives.
  2. Appropriate to the age or grade level.
  3. Activities in which schools may appropriately engage.
  4. Conducted under the supervision of teachers or administrators.
  5. Conducted in such a manner and at such times as not to encroach upon instructional time, interfere with regularly scheduled school classes and activities, or involve excessive out‐of‐school time.
  6. Not unduly demanding on teacher time or work.
  7. Evaluated annually by teachers, administrators, and students.
  8. Conducted to avoid excessive financial impact on the community.
  9. Limited to prevent over‐emphasis on fund raising as a part of the educational program.

The application of the above criteria for student sales and activities shall be supervised by the building principal. The principal or his designee shall approve each fund‐raising activity in advance. The use of a coordinating committee to review product quality, to avoid duplication, and to prevent violation of this policy is encouraged.

At the end of the school year, each principal shall submit to the office of the appropriate Assistant Superintendent a list of sales or fund drives conducted during the past school year. In cases in which there may be some question with respect to appropriateness, the principal shall obtain the approval of the appropriate Assistant Superintendent before such fund‐raising activities take place.

End of File: IGDF