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Weighted Grades (Regulation)

File: IKC-R (pdf)
Issued: April 28, 1994
Revised: June 27, 2006


Procedure of Selecting Courses for Weighted Grade Status

Courses where weighting is desirable and appropriate according to the criteria should be selected at the building using site-based committees which include teachers, parents, and students. Courses recommended at the building level will be submitted to a District committee comprised of representatives of professional teaching staff, counselors, parents, administrators, and students from the high schools. The charge of the ongoing committee is to approve courses for weighted grade status which meet specified criteria. This procedure is intended to ensure that weighted grade status is only conferred upon courses that include material of greater depth and breadth and are more rigorous and academically challenging than other courses. Courses approved by the District for weighted grade status will have that status when offered in any high school. The committee will be directed by the Assistant Superintendent of Learning Services.

Criteria for Determining Weighted Grade Status:

  1. Students will receive weighted grades for concurrent enrollment credit earned in college courses that meet the following criteria:
  • Courses must be in core academic areas and be equivalent to or more advanced than BVSD courses offered for weighted grade status in that same academic area;
  • Prerequisites for the weighted course work at the college level must indicate that the course is a continuation of the sequence and the hierarchy of BVSD courses;
  • Courses at two-year institutions must meet these criteria and be included in the course requirements of either the Associate of Science or Associate of Arts Core Transfer Program;
  • The first two (2) years of any college level world language class would not receive weighted grades; and
  • The BVSD Post Secondary Options Appeal Process will be used to resolve disagreements regarding weighted grade status for concurrent enrollment credit.

    2. High school advanced level courses that correspond to currently weighted Pre-IB courses in core academic areas are granted weighted grade status.  These courses are:
  • Language Arts 9 Advanced
  • World Literature & Composition Advanced
  • American Literature and Composition Advanced
  • Advanced Geometry
  • Advanced  Biology

    3. The opportunity for 9th grade students to enroll in AP Geography and AP Government provides a corresponding BVSD course for Pre-IB government and geography.  Similarly, the addition of AP World History to the high school curriculum offerings will provide a BVSD course that corresponds to IB World History.  Therefore, future consideration of granting weighted grade status to “advanced level” courses in government, geography, or world history will depend on requests from schools and the social studies curriculum council.

    4. While Pre-IB level 2 and 3 world languages are currently weighted, there are no corresponding “advanced” BVSD level 2 and 3 world language courses.  Therefore, future consideration of granting weighted grade status will depend on the development and approval of “advanced” BVSD level 2 and 3 world language courses if schools or the world languages curriculum council wishes to do so.

Requests for approval of weighted grade status for selected courses must be submitted on the form, "New Course Proposal," available through the office of the Division of Learning Services or at the school. Requests proposing weighted grade status for a course must provide information regarding how the course meets each of the qualifying criteria and be accompanied by a detailed syllabus documenting rigor, challenge, and accelerated rate of learning.

The form may be submitted at any time during the school year, however, consideration of proposed courses will be made according to the following timelines.

For inclusion in a course description booklet, the following timeline applies:

  • Submission Date                                                                           By October 1
  • Committee Meets                                                                          By November 1  
  • Committee Determines Courses for Weighted Grades                 By December 1   

For implementation in the beginning of a school year, but without inclusion in a course description booklet, the following timeline applies:

  • Submission Date                                                                          By March 1  
  • Committee Meets                                                                         By April 1  
  • Committee Determines Courses for Weighted Grades                By May 1        

Courses with weighted grade status will be clearly designated in high school course description booklets. The course descriptions should inform students and parents about the investment in learning required for these courses. Course descriptions should specify prerequisite preparation, if prerequisites are needed for students to succeed.

Calculation of Weighted G.P.A.

Weighted G.P.A. will be calculated by adding 1.0 to the grade point conversion from the letter grade. For example, if the grade is "B," the weighted numerical equivalent will be 4.0 instead of 3.0.


Course     Credit         Grade GP     Accum. GP     Wt GP         Accum GP
1               5                  4.0                 20.0                 4.0              20.0
2               5                  4.0                 20.0                 4.0              20.0
3               5                  4.0                 20.0                 4.0              20.0
4*             5                  3.0                 15.0                 4.0              20.0
5*             5                  4.0                  20.0                5.0              25.0
T              5                   25                 19.0                 95.0            21.0         105.0
*Course to receive weighted grade point.

Regular grade point average: 95 Accum. GP/25 credits = 3.8
Weighted grade point average: 105 Wt. Accum. GP/25 credits = 4.2

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