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File: JECE (pdf)
Adopted: May 14, 2024


Administrative Transfer 

An administrative transfer occurs when a student is moved from one school to another in response to a parent or guardian’s request by means other than the Open Enrollment process. Administrative transfers are granted when unusual circumstances warrant them. Administrative transfers are not to be used as a means of extending the Open Enrollment period, but, rather, as a means to address changes in personal circumstances that could not reasonably be anticipated during the Open Enrollment window.  

Administrative transfers will be reviewed only for the current school year. The window for requesting Administrative Transfers is from September 15th to April 15th. 

Students who administratively transfer to a school other than their neighborhood school are responsible for their own transportation. 

Administrative Placement 

Administrative placement occurs when a student is moved from one school to another by the School District to address extenuating circumstances, such as criminal charges or other conditions that require the separation or particular assignment of students. 


Persons who wish to apply for administrative transfers must complete the School District’s form online at the Open Enrollment web site. Misrepresentation of information is grounds to invalidate the request. Administrative transfers are based on the following criteria:

  • Time of year  
  • Space available  
  • Student programmatic needs 
  • Availability of other administrative solutions
  • Student safety and wellbeing 
  • Other special considerations unique to school or situation

Administrative transfers are granted between principals and may include consultation with the School District. The parent/guardian may appeal an administrative transfer or placement within one week by submitting a written request for review to the Assistant Superintendent. The Assistant Superintendent or designee will issue a written decision within 15 days after reviewing the request. The decision of the Assistant Superintendent or designee will be final.

End of File: JECE