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File: JECC (pdf)
Adopted: January 10, 1991


Whenever a student is assigned to a school outside his or her designated attendance area, transportation shall be the responsibility of the parents, unless regular bus transportation provided by the School District can bring the student within a reasonable distance of the school to which he or she is transferring, and the bus is not already at capacity.  The exception shall be those students described in the first situation, above.  

Requests granted will be approved for the duration of that school level (elementary, middle level, or high school).  Students must reapply, however, when moving from one level to the next, if still seeking assignment under open enrollment.  
Based upon projected growth and construction activity, Boulder Valley School District reserves the right to retain space for projected student enrollment.  

CROSS REF.: JC, School Attendance Areas

NOTE: Assignments to bilingual, ESL, Chapter 1, Special Education, and/or other special programs are made through the procedures for those programs.  

End of File: JECC

Students are expected to attend the school which lies within the attendance area in which they live, with the following exceptions:  

  1.  If a school is overcrowded, students may be assigned to other schools where space is available.
  2.  Principals may arrange for assignment of a student to a school other than the one in his or her designated attendance area.  
  3.  Permission may be granted for a student to enroll in a school outside his or her attendance area, but within the Boulder Valley School District, based upon available space.