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JS E-2

File:  JS E-2 (pdf)
Adopted: May 26, 2020

BVSD Wellness in a Digital World Guideline


In considering the use of digital tools, BVSD will:

  • Plan for balanced, purposeful, safe, and appropriate use of digital tools that support teaching and learning.
  • Design learning opportunities that actively engage students using various learning modalities.
  • Encourage students to be creators and producers of content.
  • Provide learning opportunities that use a variety of teaching strategies (for example: blended learning, collaborative grouping, intentional rotations).
  • Provide timely feedback to guide learning.
  • Support individual learning needs.
  • Increase accessibility to resources and the ability to collaborate within and beyond the school day, as appropriate.
  • Develop the essential skill of being a critical consumer of digital information.
  • Reduce access barriers to digital tools at home through education and partnerships aligned to BVSD’s values and goals.

Mental and Social Wellness

In considering the use of digital tools, BVSD will:

  • Promote and maintain positive human connections and relationships.
  • Encourage healthy personal relationships through positive communication.
  • Teach and promote positive emotional health using skills such as mindfulness.
  • Support students in learning how to manage distractions and maintain focus.

Digital Citizenship

In considering the use of digital tools, BVSD will:

  • Teach students how to use technology responsibly and appropriately as a tool for learning and meaningful collaboration.
  • Teach students about privacy settings and how they can reduce their online vulnerability.
  • Teach students how their digital footprint impacts their lives and the lives of others, both now and in the future.
  • Teach students how to use technology in a socially responsible way.
  • Monitor students while they are using digital tools in a developmentally
  • appropriate way.

Physical Wellness

In considering the use of digital tools, BVSD will:

  • Consider the age and developmental level of students and teach the importance of time limits. It is recommended that passive use of technology be limited with younger students.
  • Provide regular opportunities for movement. Encourage and enable students to take eye and stretch breaks in intervals depending on classroom activity. A 20 second break every 20 minutes is recommended by many health professionals.
  • Encourage students to keep screens approximately 20 inches away.
  • Encourage students to decrease device brightness as appropriate for classroom lighting.
  • Support healthy habits and encourage physical exercise.