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File: JDHD (pdf)
Adopted: September 23, 1993  
Revised: September 26, 1996, June 22, 2000, October 9, 2001


Any student who is suspended for a third time during any calendar year, defined as twelve consecutive months from the date of the first suspension:

a.   for reasons stated in Policy JDSE;

b.   under circumstances that caused a material and substantial

c.   while on school property, at a school-sanctioned activity or event,
      or while being transported in a district-approved vehicle;

d.   because of behavior that was initiated, willful, and overt on the part
      of the student, shall be declared a habitually disruptive student and
      shall be subject to mandatory expulsion in accordance with Policy
      JDSE and state law.

A remedial discipline plan MUST be developed for the student in accordance with Regulation JDHD-R after the student's first AND second suspensions for causing a material and substantial disruption as set forth above. The student and student's parent, legal guardian, or legal custodian shall be notified in writing of each suspension counted toward declaring the student as habitually disruptive, and shall be notified in writing and by telephone or other means of the definition of "habitually disruptive student" and the mandatory expulsion of such students.

Disruptive behavior by a student identified as a student with disabilities, as defined by District Policy JDSE, shall be dealt with in accordance with the student's IEP or § 504 Plan. A student with disabilities shall be subject to expulsion as a habitually disruptive student only if a determination has been made by the student's IEP or § 504 team that the disruptive behavior is not a manifestation of the student's disability.


C.R.S. 22-32-109.1
C.R.S. 22-33-106(1)(c.5)


JRR, Student Rights and Responsibilities
JDC, Student Conduct, and all subcodes (all pertain to Student Conduct)
JDSE, Student Suspension/Expulsion