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File: JECD-R, E (pdf)
Adopted: May 19, 2008


Boulder Valley School District (BVSD) allows students to enroll in a BVSD school part-time only under certain circumstances.

What is part-time enrollment in a BVSD school?  To be eligible to enroll part-time in a BVSD school, a student must be enrolled and attending prior to October 1 in courses sufficient to be counted as a part-time student, which is 90 hours of instruction for the first semester.  (The formula is “minutes of instruction x number of days in first semester ÷ 60 = > 90 hours.”)

Is a student enrolled part-time in a BVSD school subject to compulsory attendance?  Even part-time students must attend school in compliance with the Colorado Compulsory Attendance Law.  This law applies to students attending public school part-time and receiving a home-based education program part-time, but it does not apply to the portion of a student’s educational program received from a private school.  The BVSD school will take attendance for part-time students.

How will the part-time enrolled student be assessed by BVSD?  

  • Grades:  The student will be graded for the educational program received at a BVSD school.  BVSD is not responsible for delivering curricula or content which the student is not available to receive during normal instructional time while in attendance at a BVSD school.  BVSD will not make special arrangements to deliver curricula outside the scope of the part-time enrollment.  Report cards will reflect the student’s mastery of content taught during the student’s instructional time in the BVSD school.
  • CSAP testing:  BVSD will not administer CSAP to students enrolled in BVSD part-time while being homeschooled or while enrolled in a private institution.  
  • Retention/Loss of Credit/Delayed Graduation:  A part-time student may be subject to retention, loss of credit or delayed graduation.  If the student is receiving instruction elsewhere (home-based program or private institution), the parent or guardian is responsible for providing the BVSD school with evidence of grades, progress reports, assessments, transcripts and other relevant information demonstrating academic achievement that would support promotion to the next grade level and award of credit.  Failure to do so may result in retention, loss of credit or delayed graduation.  If inadequate information is provided or the information provided demonstrates a failure to master certain content, BVSD may (but is not required to) to perform its own assessments and/or review to determine grasp of content, grade placement and/or transfer credits.

What if the daily schedule of the BVSD school and the private school do not align?  Then the parent must ensure that the student will be able to receive a complete educational program, otherwise the student might face retention or late graduation.  A BVSD school’s instructional schedule is determined prior to the beginning of the school year and, therefore, the school is not able to accommodate special schedule requests of students enrolled part-time.

How will the BVSD School coordinate with the private institution the student is attending for part of the day?  The BVSD school is under no obligation to coordinate or otherwise share curricula, progress reports or other information with the private institution.  Such a request will be considered by the Principal on a case-by-case basis with consideration given to the needs of the student and the availability of the BVSD school staff.  Unfortunately, due to limited staff and resources, our schools are rarely able to accommodate these special requests.

What if the student has an IEP?  If the student is enrolled in BVSD only part-time, then the school will deliver only those special education and related services identified in the IEP that are available during the portion of the day in which the student attends the BVSD school.  The school will not be able to rearrange staff schedules or otherwise alter the instructional day to accommodate a part-time student’s schedule.

What if the student wants to attend a private school on a full-time basis but for only a portion of the school year (for example, a student wants to withdraw “temporarily” to attend a 6-week intensive reading program offered by a private institution)?  A student receiving full-time education from a private institution is typically withdrawn from the BVSD school.  BVSD is not able to “hold open” or guarantee spots.  (So, if the student is open enrolled into the BVSD school, reenrollment will require starting the open enrollment process again.)  If the student desires to return to a BVSD school a reentry conference may be necessary to determine grade placement and identify possible gaps in learning.  The parent or guardian is responsible for providing the BVSD school with evidence of grades, progress reports, assessments, transcripts and other relevant information demonstrating academic achievement that would support promotion to the next grade level and award of credit.

What if I have additional questions?  Please contact your BVSD School Principal for more information.  Also see Superintendent Regulations JECD-R (Assignment of Transfer Students to Classes and Grade Levels) and JEG-R (Exclusions and Exemptions from School Attendance (Home-Based Education)), which may be accessed through the BVSD website at

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