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File: JFABD-R (pdf)
Adopted:  May 12, 2004
Revised:  January 22, 2019


Local liaison

The local liaison shall work to identify homeless children and youth and facilitate each homeless student’s access to and success in school.

The primary functions of the local liaison shall be to mediate disputes concerning school enrollment, assist in making transportation arrangements, assist in requesting the student’s records, provide information and give referrals on services and opportunities, and assist any unaccompanied youth with enrollment, credit accrual and college readiness decisions.

Enrollment and school stability

Enrollment shall be immediate even if the student lacks records routinely required prior to enrollment or has missed application or enrollment deadlines.

If a homeless student becomes permanently housed outside the district during the school year, the student shall no longer be considered homeless and may only continue enrollment in the district for the remainder of the school year.


Students defined in state and federal law as homeless children shall be admitted without payment of tuition.

Enrollment determinations

In making enrollment determinations, the local liaison shall consider relevant factors, including but not limited to:

  1. the best interests of the homeless student;
  2. to the extent feasible, keeping the homeless student in the school of origin;
  3. the wishes of the student and of the student’s parent or guardian;
  4. which school can best meet the student’s educational and other needs; and
  5. the student’s transportation needs related to the school options.

Enrollment disputes

When a dispute arises over eligibility, school selection or enrollment, the district shall provide a written explanation of the district’s decision and of the right to appeal, in a manner and form understandable to the student’s parent, guardian or unaccompanied youth. The homeless student shall be immediately enrolled in the school in which the parent/guardian or unaccompanied youth seeks to enroll, pending resolution of the dispute.

The local liaison shall attempt to resolve the dispute as expeditiously as possible. If the local liaison is unable to resolve it, the district shall follow the Colorado Department of Education’s McKinney-Vento homeless education dispute resolution procedure.


Subsequent to a determination that the student shall attend a school in the district, a request for transportation may be made by the unaccompanied youth, or by the student’s parent/guardian.

If the student is located in the district and attending the attendance area school, the district shall provide or arrange for the student’s transportation to and from school in accordance with district transportation policies.

If the student is located outside of the district but a determination has been made that the student shall remain in the school of origin within the district, the district and the district where the student is located shall agree on a method to apportion cost and responsibility for the student’s transportation or share the cost and responsibility equally.
End of File:  JFABD-R