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File: JRSU-R (pdf)
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 "Required" Submission

Parental permission is necessary when an information-gathering activity requires a student to reveal information concerning one or more of the seven protected areas enumerated in Policy JRSU. Ordinary classroom techniques involving the approved curriculum, including assessment activities, that are not designed to elicit protected information are exempt from the written permission requirement. Contemporaneous responses to student inquiries and voluntary responses from students are similarly exempt.  In all cases, care must be exercised to protect the privacy rights of students concerning the seven protected areas of inquiry.

Prior Written Consent

When a student is to be required to submit to a survey, analysis, or evaluation, as defined in this policy, the principal shall provide sufficient time and opportunity for the parent to be notified of the survey, analysis, or evaluation and to provide written consent for the activity.

Special Education Permission for Evaluation

The giving of parental permission for evaluation in anticipation of a special education staffing and possible provision of services for a handicapped student and any subsequent approval for the provision of such services [see the District's publication Comprehensive Plan for Special Education Services, available from the special education office, and "Special Education Division Permission for Evaluation" form], satisfy the requirements of this policy as they may relate to those evaluations and services.

Statutory Exceptions to Prior Parental Consent

Pursuant to specific provisions of Colorado or federal law, parental notice, information, and consent shall not be sought or given when a student 15 years of age or older has herself or himself consented to receive mental health services or when a student has sought substance abuse assistance, unless the student has given written consent for disclosure to his or her parents.

Alternative Activities

If consent to the student's participation is not given, an academic alternative will be made available to the student in a manner that does not call particular attention to the student or the student's family.