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File:  JDDA (pdf)
Adopted: August 23, 1990
Revised: June 8, 2021

Associated Regulation: JDDA-R



The Boulder Valley School District recognizes that unlawful or unauthorized use of alcohol, performance enhancing drugs and controlled substances is detrimental to the health, well- being and safety of all students. District and school staff shall educate students on the detrimental impacts of alcohol, performance enhancing drugs and other controlled substances, and equip students with decision-making strategies and skills to minimize the use, abuse and distribution of these products. The District, parents, schools, and community have the responsibility to cooperatively prevent problems of substance abuse and to seek help from public and private agencies for students involved with alcohol, performance enhancing drugs or controlled substances.

It shall be a violation of this policy for any student to use, possess, distribute, exchange or sell alcohol, performance enhancing drugs, controlled substances, non-medically necessary prescription medications, or be in possession of drug paraphernalia on school grounds, at school-sanctioned activities, or when students are being transported in vehicles dispatched by the District.  This policy shall not apply to medical marijuana or administration of medication in accordance with other Board policies.

A violation shall subject a student to restorative and disciplinary action. The process for investigating suspected violations of this policy, and consequences for violating this policy shall be described in the regulations that guide the enforcement of this policy. In appropriate circumstances, disciplinary sanctions may include counselling and/or the completion of a substance abuse rehabilitation program.

The District shall ensure that the implementation of this policy and its regulation are in keeping with applicable laws, and that all students, parents and staff are made aware of this policy and its regulation.

To prevent and discourage at-risk behaviors, BVSD shall implement age-appropriate, developmentally based drug and alcohol education and prevention programs for all students in all the District's schools, from early childhood through grade 12, that include but need not be limited to:

  • State and federal laws regarding use, possession, sale, exchange or distribution of alcohol, controlled substances and performance enhancing drugs.
  • Physical and psychological impacts and consequences of drug and alcohol use and abuse.
  • Ways to reduce risk factors and societal pressures that may contribute to use of controlled substances.
  • Available and culturally appropriate drug and alcohol counseling and rehabilitation programs.
  • Sanctions that may be imposed for violation of this policy.

The District shall ensure that all students and all parents are provided a copy of this policy and regulations regarding disciplinary sanctions that may be imposed for a violation of this policy.

The District shall conduct a regular review of its drug and alcohol abuse prevention program to determine its effectiveness, to implement required changes, and to ensure that disciplinary sanctions and referral for treatment or counseling are consistently enforced.



            20 U.S.C. §7101 et seq. (Safe & Drug-Free Schools and Communities Act of 1994) 21 U.S.C.
            812 (definition of "controlled substance")

            C.R.S. 18-18-407 (2) (crime to sell, distribute or possess controlled substance on or near
            school grounds or school vehicles)

            C.R.S. 22-1-110 (instruction related to alcohol and drugs)

            C.R.S. 22-1-119.3 (3)(c), (d) (no student possession or self-administration of medical
            marijuana, but school districts must permit the student's primary caregiver to
            administer medical marijuana to the student on school grounds, on a school bus or at
            a school-sponsored event)

            C.R.S. 22-32-109.1 (2)(a)(I)(G) (policy required as part of safe schools plan)

            C.R.S. 22-33-106 (1)(d) (suspension or expulsion discretionary for the sale of a drug or
            controlled substance)

            C.R.S. 25-1.5-106 (12)(b) (possession or use of medical marijuana in or on school grounds or
            in a school bus is prohibited)

            C.R.S. 25-14-103.5 (boards of education must adopt policies prohibiting use of retail
            marijuana on school property)



            ADC, Tobacco-Free School
            IGAG, Teaching About Drugs, Alcohol, and Tobacco
            JRR, Student Rights and Responsibilities
            JDC, Student Conduct
            JDSE, Student Suspension/Expulsion


End file: JDDA